The charge for the enrolment process at the Kiel University of Applied Sciences amounts 100 Euro. The teaching and tests at the preparatory college of the Kiel University of Applied Sciences are free of charge. During your study time at the preparatory college approx. 70 Euro for learning material such as a monolingual dictionary or a calculator will be necessary.

Valid health insurance is required for study at the preparatory college. The costs range from 40 to 170 Euro per month, depending on the tariff you choose. Proof of insurance from a private or statutory health insurance company must be submitted as proof. More information about health insurance can be found here.

As an enrolled student, a semester fee has to be paid every semester to the Kiel University of Applied Sciences. The current amount of the semester fee is given on our website. You receive a semester ticket which allows you to use buses and ferries in Kiel free of charge.

Instructions for the payment of charges for enrolment and the semester fee can be found here.

You have to bear the cost of living (habitation, clothes, food, health insurance, semester fee, learning material such as books, etc.) by yourself. Please calculate an amount of at least 600 Euro per month.