Insurance coverage for students of the UAS Kiel

Insurance Coverage


A requirement for acceptance to a state-certified institute of higher education in the Federal Republic of Germany is valid health insurance. This also applies to foreign students.

Without this certificate enrolment is not possible! Submission of an insurance card or a written certificate as a customer of an insurance company is not sufficient.

Proof of statutory health insurance must be submitted as proof of the obligation or exemption from insurance. For this purpose, please apply for the notification of insurance status (M10) for Kiel University of Applied Sciences. The required proof for enrolment will then be sent to us electronically.

Below, you will find the required notification from the Kiel University of Applied Sciences listed according to the respective status of health insurance. Please inform yourself about the insurance that applies to you.

  1. Statutory Health Insurance

Please ask your health insurance company for "Meldung 10 für den Beginn eines Studiums an der Fachhochschule Kiel" [Notification of insurance to begin studying at the UAS Kiel”]. After your request, the UAS Kiel receives a digital report about your health insurance status. 

  1. Private Health insurance

Please apply to any statutory health insurance company with the documents of your private health insurance and request the "Meldung 10 für den Beginn eines Studiums an der Fachhochschule Kiel" [Notification of insurance to begin studying at the UAS Kiel”]. After your request, the UAS Kiel receives a digital report from about your exemption from statutory health insurance.

  1. European Health Insurance

For applicants from EU states who possess a European Health Insurance Card, a certificate of exemption (from any statutory health insurance company) (M10).

All necessary information about health insurance can be found explained in detail here.

In order to check and determine the health insurance status of students, there are different certification and reporting obligations for health insurance companies and universities according to §199a Para. 2 to 5 SGB V. These are as follows:

Reporting obligations of Health Insurance Companies:

M10: Insurance status (obligation or exemption)
M11: Beginning of insurance after change of insurance company
M12: Arrears in payment of contributions
M13: Settlement of arrears

Reporting obligations of universities:

M20: Beginning of studies with semester start and date of enrolment
M30: End of studies with semester end and date of de-enrolment (exmatriculation)

From the 01.01.2022 onwards, this information is also reported electronically between the UAS Kiel and the corresponding health insurance company.



Accident insurance for student is regulated by law. Claims against accident insurance must be submitted immediately to the Student Secretariat.

Forms are available at the Student Secretariat or the Faculty Offices or can be downloaded and filled in online:  Accident Report Form (PDF)

The accident report must be signed by the Dean of the corresponding faculty and submitted to the Student Secretariat. This office will then pass it onto the corresponding accident insurance company.

When are students insured against accidents?



Liability insurance is the most important insurance right after health insurance. According to German law, anyone who causes damage to life, limb or damage to another person is obliged to compensate for this damage. The liability comprises one’s entire assets and beyond.

In some federal states, a limited liability insurance for enrolled students is regulated by the social contribution for the Student Services Authority (Studentenwerk) and thus covered by the Services Authority itself. In Schleswig-Holstein, this insurance is not provided by the Student Services Authority. It is therefore recommended that you take out private liability insurance in addition to the statutory health insurance requirements. If you are not yet 25, still live with your parents, unmarried and not employed, liability insurance is usually provided by your parents’ insurance.