Student (Enrolment) Certificates

Printing of student certificates

The UAS Kiel offers the possibility for students to print their student certificates each semester via the internet. The printed certificate can be verified online by the recipient.

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1. Registration
At the UAS Kiel self-service portal (

  • The student’s email address is the username
  • The corresponding password is the student email password

2. Study course administration
Click on the main menu on the left

3. Student certificates
Click on the window which appears

4. Select certification type
There are three types:

  • A general student certificate
  • A student certificate according to §9, BAföG [government loan system], (valid for the BAföG application)
  • A data checklist, which consists of the student’s master data

5. Save
Click on the window which appears

6. Sign out
Do not forget!

Student Certificate Verification

The certificates printed by the student him/herself can be verified online by the recipient. In addition, each certification consists of a 16-digit verification number.

1. On the QIS start page
( click on “verification of certificates”



2.On the verification page
1. Type the verification code in blocks of 4

2. Type the confirmation code in the lower input field

3. Click “verify”

3.The certificate shows

  • Name of the student and
  • The period of validity