Student (Enrolment) Certificates

Printing of student certificates

The UAS Kiel offers the possibility for students to print their student certificates each semester via "Casy". The printed certificate can be verified online by the recipient.


1. Registration
At the UAS Kiel self-service portal (

  • The student’s email address is the username,
  • the corresponding password is the student email password.

2. Student Service
Click on Student Service in the main menu on the left.

3. Certificates/ notices
Click on Certificates/ notices on the page that appears now.

4. Enrolment certificates
Click on Enrolment certificates in the menu on the left.

5. Select certification type
Two types are offered:

  • a general certificate of study
  • a certificate of study according to § 9 BAföG (valid for the BAföG application)

6. "Print"
Click on "Print" or "Load Report" on the page that appears now. Save the displayed PDF document or print it directly.

7. Logout
Please do not forget to logout again!

Student Certificate Verification

The certificates printed by the student themselves can be verified online by the recipient. In addition, each certification consists of a 12-digit verification number.


1. URL
Open the URL

2. Verification page

  1. Enter the verification number,
  2. response to the security question and
  3. click on "Verify notification".

3. The verified document
The verified document is provided for download and can now be compared with the existing document.