Student’s Identification number and ID-card


Matriculation Number

The matriculation number is a personal identification number – a specific identification which associates the respective person in a register of persons.

During the enrolment process for study (immatricualtion), a personal number is assigned to each student and is only valid in the university context.

The number is assigned only once. If a student pauses his/her study course and resumes later on, s/he will receive the “old” matriculation number. Thus, pseudonymisation is assured, especially when personal data is released, such as the announcement of exam results.

For the protection of your personal data and in your own interest, please make sure that your personal matriculation number is inaccessible to unauthorised third parties.

Student Card

During regular enrolment (immatricualtion), students usually receive a chip card which serves as a student and library ID, and a public transportation pass (semester ticket) as a pass to access rooms and as a payment card for the canteen. It requires a photo which must be uploaded during the online enrolment form. This photo will be printed (digitised) on the chip card for clear identification. After the card is generated, the photo will be deleted immediately, and returned when students pick up their card.

If a new card is necessary during your studies, please consider that you must bring a new photo with you, because the photos are not saved after the card has been generated.

Please make sure you bring a photo with you when you order a new chip card!