Student Representative Body for the Faculty of Media

Representatives of all students from the Faculty of Media

The following students represent the interests of all students from the Faculty of Media beginning in September 2020.

  • 1st chairperson: Kim Sophie Hülsmann (ÖuU)
  • 2nd chairperson: Luca Rihl (MMP)
  • Finances: Meike Lübeck (MMP)
  • Erika Nieto Duque (MMP)
  • Jan Malte Hanebeck (BauIng)
  • Neneh Sanneh (MMP)
  • Erik Stölting (MMP)

In addition to these elected student representatives, the actual student representative body of the Faculty for Media consists of many engaged students from all semesters of the faculty.

Do you want to participate in our actions, have ideas, proposals or suggestions or want to know more about our work? Then, contact us by using the channels below! 

Grenzstraße 3, Raum 1.73
24149 Kiel
Tel.: +49 (0)431210-4916 (only by appointment)
Email: medien.fachschaft(at)
Instagram: @meerstudierende

To be updated about all information and meetings, please register in our moodle course Fachschaft Medien & Bauwesen. You don’t need an access key.

Information for First-Semester Students

You are new to the Faculty of Media?

Here you can find the full package of information and answers to all your questions.

Consultation hours of the Student Representative Body at the Faculty of Media

During the semester:

By appointment

During the lecture-free period:

Only by appointment

If you cannot show up in person, you can always reach us via medien.fachschaft(at)

Your Faculty of Media


The pages of the general student committee (AStA) are available here.