Research and knowledge transfer

Our research approach

The master's program Data Science is characterized by a close integration of teaching and application-oriented research and development. Our aim is to demonstrate the opportunities of artificial intelligence, data analytics and big data technologies to the regional economy. And on the other hand, we want to show students the relevance of course contents through real-life applications.

As part of the AI Transfer Hub Schleswig-Holstein, we offer small and medium-sized enterprises advice on the potential of artificial intelligence and carry out feasibility studies. A modernly equipped AI laboratory is available for computationally intensive tasks.

In addition, practice projects and master's theses are carried out each semester with a variety of  partners in industry, startups and the public sector. Please reach out to us if you are interested in such type of cooperation,

Application Projects

    Selection of Application Projects, carried out by Students during their studies in cooperation with companies of different sectors: 


    • Development of an AI-based filtering method for combine harvester yield data 


    • Real Estate Price Prediction
    • Ratin of Urban Quarters Based on Social Media Data


    • Optimization of the energy consumption of chillers
    • Agent-Based Low-Voltage Load Modelling
    • Anomaly Detection in District Heating
    • Analysis of Return Temperatures in District Heating
    • Analysis of Weather Models for Feed-In Forecasts of Renewable Energies
    • Start-up scenarios for heat pumps


    • Development of a classification algorithm for food products
    • Automated image recognition of product information
    • Bakery Sales Forecast
    • Data integration/optimization in the context of an app for sustainable food shopping


    • Image recognition of similarities in EGM signals
    • Attention detection for intelligent X-ray control
    • Analysis of Effectiveness of Personalized Therapeutical Products

    Human Resources

    • Development of a recommendation system for matching roles and persons
    • Development of a skill recommendation system for employees
    • Development of a recommendation system for digital training

    IT Consulting

    • AI-supported capture of incoming invoices


    • Development of an algorithm for the classification of dangerous goods labels
    • AI-assisted prediction of ship calls and container throughputs

    Media & Music

    • Analysis and development of a recommendation system for music of the 80s, using a pull-medium database.
    • Music Taste Classifier
    • Online Audio Ad Scanner
    • Development of a KPI model for recurring business

    Public Sector

    • Data Analysis on services of general interest
    • Topic Modelling of Press Releases


    • Anomaly Detection of Web Traffic Data in Telecommunications
    • Real-time anomaly detection in telecommunication networks


    • Development of an algorithm for the recommendation of thumbnails and keyframes in videos