Assistant lecturers

Of the current semester

One of our main goals of the Ffaculty of Business Management is to provide students with excellent starting chances for their future professional life or academic career. This isat’s why we are content to have again recruited assistant lecturers for selected seminars during this semester that have excellent pedagogic and didactic skills and wide theoretical and practical knowledge.

The biographies of our lecturers are very diverseified. They involve professions like such as tax consultant, lawyer and division manager of an energy supplier to managing director of an accounting firm. 

Regular evaluations of their lectures are the basis of their personal development and the content-wise, didactical and methodical development of their lectures.  

Do you wish to provide your theoretical and practical knowledge to our studying managers of tomorrow? And do you inherit pedagogic and didactic knowledge? Please submit your admission to work as assistant lecturer at the Ffaculty of Bbusiness Mmanagement. We are looking forward to meeting you!

When you click on the names below, you can learn more about the assistant lecturers of the current semester.