Bachelor’s degree in Business Management Online

In this online study degree, all educational content is prepared for multimedia and provided via the Internet. The temporal and location flexibility enables e.g. people who work or are on parental leave to broaden their professional horizons in an attractive way to achieve a university degree.

The aim of the ‘Bachelor of Arts’ degree in business management is to educate managers for all economic and administrative tasks who master all the instruments of modern business. The knowledge of business procedures and methods is used to put graduates into the position of solving practical business problems independently. The assumption of business management tasks not only requires expertise but also maturity, certainty and decisiveness. Accordingly, the degree course is based on the teaching of leadership knowledge, leadership techniques and the support of personality development. With their first job-oriented ‘Bachelor of Arts‘ degree, graduates are put into the position of supporting the operational management in its different fields of business and to partly work on them independently.

The study can be performed at home with individual time management since 80% of the study takes place online (via the Internet). Support is given by mentors and professors. Communication between students and advisors takes place via a virtual classroom, the Moodle learning platform, via e-mail, forums, chats and video conferencing.

20% of the study is given in attendance lectures at the university on approx. 3 or 4 weekends (Fridays and Saturdays) per semester.

The Bachelor’s degree Business Management Online is accredited by ZEVA.

A progress report

The following video gives a short impression of the characteristics of an online study degree.


This is how online studying works

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