Information Technology

(former degree course “Information Technology and Internet”)


Large parts of our professional and private existence is already determined by the internet and its technology and communication potential. Former communication technologies in language, image and sound are now rapidly merging into a unified multimedia technology on a network which spans the world.

But this is not a self-perpetuating process. We are only at the beginning of a development resulting in a re-engineering of traditional economic and service processes. These range from immaterial services offered on the internet, e.g. in banking, insurance or tourism to remote diagnosis and repair for complex machines and installations as well as remote medical diagnosis of illnesses and remote assistance for patients. The internet stands at the centre of innumerable possible implementations.

Accordingly, the traditional economy needs to face the challenges of the electronic economy –  E-Commerce. Considering the tremendous complexity and the wealth of hard- and software technologies needed for the internet and its applications, it can be legitimately seen as a new form of science and technology. The degree course takes the mediation of sound foundations based on this information technology into account.

A solid understanding of internet mechanisms at all levels and its technological foundations in hard- and software is indispensable.

It requires well qualified and talented executives who are capable of developing and distributing optimal application solutions in various fields as well as being able to manage services.

Job profile

After successful graduation, students are qualified to hold specialist and management positions in the information technology sector. The most common fields are:

  • software development
  • IT consulting
  • project engineering and distribution
  • research and development

Graduation also qualifies students to continue with the master’s degree course in Information Engineering at their own or another university.