We stay in contact – The associations of former students (alumni associations) at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering has alumni associations for each of its three study degrees:

ALUMA: Mechanical Engineering

ALIVE: IVE, Contact person:

STRAK: Shipbuilding, Contact:

The three associations work together closely to bring those together who completed the same study degree but also to expand the alumni network of the whole faculty of Mechanical Engineering in joint actions.

The significant goals of the associations are the contact maintenance of alumni among each other and to our students and employees of the UAS Kiel. The alumni associations help to keep or liven up the contact with fellow students who live at long distances away. The associations help with the career start, career support and help to get industry-specific information.

Additionally, alumni have the possibility to use the university as a lifelong centre for further education and research. For that, we developed the further education programme engate and the industry-accompanied study degree to tie young engineers early to their companies or to help you train your employees. If you have problems with project-related tasks, the CIMTT and the FuE GmbH is happy to help you find a solution or to provide suitable resources.

Förderverein Technik der Fachhochschule Kiel e.V.

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering is promoted by the support association of the UAS Kiel e.V., where also our alumni are welcome.

Förderverein Technik der Fachhochschule Kiel e.V.

Management: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Patrick Moldenhauer

Deputy: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Kay Rethmeier