Industrial Engineering

Industrial Engineering


The Industrial Engineering master's course focuses on preparing engineers to successfully perform management and leadership tasks in 
technology-oriented international business operations. It is a blended learning program that effectively combines presence phase learning (e.g. 
face-to-face seminars, lectures etc.) with online learning.

While being introduced to state-of-the-art industrial engineering theory, concepts and frameworks, experienced academics and industry executives teach students how to practically apply their knowledge in real world business cases.

The program offers a diverse range of learning modules covering a variety of topics critical to the design, building and management of industrial processes applicable to any size of company from start-up to multinational corporations including factory planing, industrial logistics, corporate finance, strategic marketing, sustainable management, business process controlling, international negotiation and contracting.

Requirement for admission is the successful completion of a bachelor's degree in Engineering and one year practical experience in the industry.

Admission is decided solely by the admissions department of the FH Kiel.