Prof. Dr. Flemming Hansen

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Social Economics

Sokratesplatz 2
24149 Kiel
Room: C03-5.17

Further Information

About me:

  • Flemming Hansen (Flemming is my first name... ;)
  • Graduate social worker and social pedagogue (Diploma II)
  • since the 01.09.2016 professor at UAS Kiel
  • before professional activities in the university sector, i.a. professorships at the Ostfalia (Suderburg) and the HTWK Leipzig, teaching in the areas of theories and methods of social work, and social work practice (for example in youth social work, a municipal guardianship authority, within a coordinated process support (case management) in integration assistance, in the development and sales of software for social economy, ...)


Teaching and work focus (i.a.):

  • support structures and financing of social work
  • management in social organisations
  • quality development and professionalisation of social work 
  • management and regulation of personalised social services
  • socioecological crises, sustainability and social innovation


Consultation hour:

  • during the lecture period: Thu., 12:00 – 13:00 hrs and by appointment
  • during the lecture-free period: by appointment
  • forms: personal contact, via video conference or by telephone
  • date appointment via email



  • I am happy to supervise your bachelor’s and master’s theses!
  • Possible topic areas lie within my above-mentioned work focuses, but also beyond due to my generalist-oriented professional biography (for example about theories, action concepts and methods of social work)
  • If you want to obtain more information about my supervision standards and the grading of theses (writing an exposé etc.), please send me an email. I will send you an information sheet!