Limbradur and the Secrets of Gravity

An exciting film about the discoveries of Albert Einstein, the universe and its magic and the power of fantasy. Recommended for children from 10 to 13 years – and for curious adults as well!


Why does the apple fall off the tree? Exactly this question and the knowledge of all secrets and laws of the universe are of interest to the 12-year-old wizard student Limbradur. This is why he sneaks into the Albert Einstein Museum one night where he encounters the clever and funny robot ALBY X3. The robot takes Limbradur on a magical expedition through time and space. On the trail of Albert Einstein, they explore the laws of gravity and form an incomparable friendship.


Narrated magically and animated affectionally, the Softmachine production creates the connection between knowledge transfer and the narration of a friendship between humans and robot. A bright lesson in natural science with fantastic animations and memorable scenes that leave you amazed and content and ensure a deeper understanding.


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Entrance: 11 euros (with discount 9 euros)

Duration: 60 minutes

FILM CLASSIFICATION 0, age recommendation 11 to 13 years