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Ankit Chourasia enjoys taking the ferry to get to his courses.

Mastering Engineering and a foreign culture

Created by Stella Petersen

Snow, cold temperatures and travelling to lectures by ferry - all of this was new to Ankit Chourasia when he came to Kiel. The International Student comes from central India and is completing his Master of Science in Industrial Engineering at Kiel University of Applied Sciences.

His motivation to do his Master's degree abroad after completing his Bachelor's degree in industrial engineering in his home country was to experience the latest technology trends in the industry. In March 2022, Chourasia started the application process via the Uni-Assist portal, which supports prospective students in applying and checking the necessary documents. He applied to five universities throughout Germany via Uni-Assist. He chose Kiel University of Applied Sciences mainly because of the practical relevance of the degree program.
When he was accepted for Kiel, Ankit Chourasia immediately organized a visa. His studies started in October 2022. Due to the pending visa and the tight housing situation, he studied online for two months until he finally came to Kiel in December.

For Ankit Chourasia, this is the first time he has been abroad. However, the fact that Germany is a long way from his home doesn't bother him: "Once you've decided to go abroad, it doesn't really matter how far away you are, because it's always completely different," he says.
He quickly got used to the new city by joining international groups via social media and networking with like-minded people. He also knew a fellow student from India he met online, who came to Kiel two months before him. "That was really helpful," he adds. In addition to that, he enjoys playing table tennis and swimming in his spare time - which has also enabled him to get to know a lot of people in university sports. Since his Master’s program takes place at weekends, he is able to work at GEOMAR - Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel during the week.

Chourasia really likes the city - "Kiel is beautiful, there is a bit of everything," he summarizes. His favourite places include the beaches of Laboe and Falkenstein, and he also likes using the ferry on the way to the University of Applied Sciences. He has now lived here for almost a year and knows his way around: "The Map of Kiel is on my mind," he says with a laugh.
One big difference between Kiel and his home country is the weather. "In India, it's 25 to 30 degrees on average and there's a lot more sunlight," explains Chourasia. But the food culture is also very different here - even though he can cook well, he sometimes misses Indian food, especially street food. “India is a huge, diverse Country, not only in terms of food - I highly recommend visiting it”, he adds.

Ankit Chourasia can well imagine staying in Germany after graduation to apply what he has learnt in the industry. "You can watch the digitalization of the industry closely here," says Chourasia. However, he has not yet made a precise decision. Looking to the future, he says: "I am open to everything, it totally depends on the opportunities".

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