Digital Transformation

Digital change has long since reached almost all areas of life, industries and economic sectors. With advancing digitalisation, new or changed business models are emerging (e.g. platforms, sharing economy, pay per use, freemium, subscription). With the advent of additive manufacturing, automation and intelligent networking, industrial manufacturing processes are changing. It is important to take advantage of the opportunities presented by the digital transformation and overcome the challenges. Digitalisation should develop its growth potential, increase people's quality of life and create prosperity for all citizens.

Selected expertise at Kiel UAS:

  • automation technology/Industry 4.0
  • control systems
  • embedded software
  • robotics
  • immersive media technologies
  • AI/mobile health in health
  • human-robot collaboration
  • AI-based developments in the area of “Natural Language Processing”
  • image recognition and video analysis
  • digitalisation and AI in the energy transition
  • autonomous underwater vehicles
  • digital business and digitalisation
  • supply chain and operations management
  • development of data services and data-based business models
  • data mining/predictive analytics/AI

Key infrastructure at the Kiel UAS:

  • CIMTT / Digital Factory
  • SME-Digital Centre Schleswig-Holstein
  • European Digital Innovation Hub
  • AI Transfer Hub Schleswig-Holstein – Subproject: AI know-how for SMEs through university expertise