Executive board

Area of responsibility

The Presidium manages the University (§22, Section 1, Higher Education Act of Schleswig-Holstein). In particular, the Presidium is responsible for:

  1. Establishment of the University’s structure and development plan
  2. Establishment, modification and cancellation of degree courses
  3. Conclusion of target and performance agreements with the ministry
  4. Conclusion of target and performance agreements with faculties and central scientific institutions
  5. Warranty of quality assurance in accordance with §5
  6. Authorisation of examination regulations of the faculties, rules of procedure and interdisciplinary examination regulations pursuant to §52, Sect. 1, No. 2
  7. Scheduling and execution of the University’s budget plan
  8. Award of benefit receipts and allowances according to regulations for university benefit receipts from 17 Jan. 2005 (Government Gazette Schleswig Holstein, p. 46), except for benefit receipts of presidium members. The presidium decides after proposal or hearing of the Dean
  9. Recommendation of the ministry concerning the fixing of registration figures.