Prof. Dr. Tobias Hochscherf

Vice president

Portrait of Tobias Hochscherf© A. Diekötter

Prof.Dr. Tobias Hochscherf

Audio-Visual Media

Responsibilities according to Business Distribution Plan from 01.10.2020

  • Representation of the university in the university’s areas of responsibility in accordance with HSG (Higher Education Law)
  • Structural policy questions on research in coordination with Presidium
  • Knowledge and technology transfer including the research report from universities and other educational institutions
  • Development and further development of the internationalization strategy
  • Grants
  • Business start-ups, patent matters
  • International cooperation in higher education and exchange with German and foreign universities, as far as Presidium is not responsible
  • Cooperation agreements with other universities on behalf of the Presidium
    - PhDs
    - Further development of the research agenda
    - Sustainability
    - Diversity and gender
    - Family-friendly university with the participation of G
  • Deputy representative at KITZ
  • Representative for headquarters and other facilities:
    - International Office
    - Centre for Languages and Intercultural Competence
    - Studienkolleg [Preparatory Colleges/Courses]
    - Institute for Disciplinary Gender Research and Diversity
    - Transfer centres