Clinical Social Work


Degree: Master of Arts (M. A.)
Length of Study: 4 semesters
Course content: German
Enrolment: each winter semester (admission restrictions)
Application deadline for the first semester of study: May until 15th July of each year (winter semester)


1st semester of study:

  • Fundamentals of Clinical Social Work
  • Health and Participation Support
  • Health and Participation Law
  • Research I

2nd semester of study:

  • Addressees of Clinical Social Work
  • Group and Social Space-Related Interventions
  • Economic and Political Aspects
  • Research II
  • Diagnostics

3rd semester of study:

  • Diversity
  • Case-Related Interventions
  • Cooperation and Participation
  • Research III

4th semester of study:

  • Casuistry
  • Elective Module
  • Thesis



Admission to the master’s programme requires a qualified, relevant higher education degree in social work. The Examination Commission decides on the comparability.


The prerequisite for participation in the selection process is that a maximum of 15 credit points of those required for the bachelor's degree are still outstanding. This must be proven with a certificate from the university attended when applying. A form for such a certificate can be found here. In addition, together with the application for admission, a certificate from the Examination Commission must be submitted, which shows the graded examinations taken so far, the provisional average grade formed from these and the number of credit points achieved so far in relation to the total number of credit points to be achieved for the respective degree programme.

Application Deadlines

Applications for the first semester of study:

  • May until 15th July of each year (winter semester)

Information on application deadlines and procedures for applicants with a foreign higher education entrance qualification can be found at

This is a legal exclusion period. This means that admission applications and documents that arrive after the above-mentioned deadlines at the Kiel University of Applied Sciences - Admissions Office - (at Uni-Assist for applicants with a foreign university entrance qualification) will no longer be considered. If the end of an exclusion period falls on a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday, the period ends with the end of the corresponding day and is not extended until the end of the next working day in accordance with § 43 paragraph 7 of the University Admissions Regulations - HZVO. The date of receipt at Kiel University of Applied Sciences applies!!! Late submissions beyond this date are also not possible. Incomplete documents or documents received late will be excluded from the selection process. Student applications received by fax or e-mail are invalid and are also excluded from the allocation process.

Application Documents

Documents to be submitted (as upload):

  1. certificate of above-mentioned higher education study (bachelor's degree certificate, performance overview, with proven bachelor's grade, etc.) or if the first university degree has not yet been completed, proof that a maximum 15 of the credit points required for the bachelor's degree are still outstanding with a provisional average grade
  2. certificate of university entrance qualification
  3. certificate of change of name (e.g., marriage certificate)
  4. certificate of exmatriculation if the same degree program is/was previously being taken in which admission for a first semester is sought
  5. if applicable, certificate of services conducted (military or community service, FSJ, FÖJ or service in the sense of the Development Aid Act - certificate of service)
  6. if applicable, proof of completed vocational training (examination certificate)
  7. complete proof of previous periods of study via study certificates
  8. proof of previous achievements (when applying for a higher semester)
  9. if already available, proof of sufficient German language skills for applicants without a German university entrance qualification (enrolment requirement in the event of admission

Admissions Procedure

After deduction of the so-called preliminary quotas (e.g., quota for foreigners, hardship cases), 20% of the study places are allocated according to the waiting time. The other 80% are distributed according to university selection quota. This also provides for a grade point average of the higher education entrance qualification which is deemed an admission requirement according to the Examination Regulations.

The waiting time counts from the point at which the university entrance qualification is obtained. Periods of study at a German university are deducted from the waiting time.

The notifications of admission and the rejection notifications of the main procedure are issued approx. 2-3 weeks after the application deadline. If an application is rejected, the candidate has the opportunity to participate in a lottery. A lottery procedure takes place if there are still individual places left for the degree programme after the main procedure, the succession procedure and enrolment.

You will be informed of the enrolment deadline with the notification of admission. If you do not enrol in time, your entitlement to a place on the course becomes irrevocable. More information about enrolment can be found here.


There is a compulsory fee charged each semester for the Student Services Authority, the student body and the semester travel ticket.

Also, there is an administration charge for enrolment. This charge is non-refundable.

Additional information on the above-mentioned fees and charges



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