Financial Accounting, Controlling & Taxation


Degree: Master of Science (M.Sc.)
Length of Study: 3 semesters
Course content: German and English
Enrolment: each summer and winter term (admission restrictions)
Application deadlines for all semesters of study: November until 15.01. of each year (summer term), May until 15.07. of each year  (winter term)


1st semester of study:

  • Corporate Governance
  • Management Control
  • Auditing
  • Theory and Application of Science
  • Leadership and Decision-Making
  • Advanced Business Simulation

2nd semester of study

  • Investment Controlling
  • Corporate Taxation
  • Business Analytics
  • IFRS and Company Financial Reports
  • Risk and Crisis Management
  • Company Valuation and Capital Market Theory

3rd semester of study

  • Thesis
  • Colloquium



  • a first professional business administration/economics degree or closely related degree study course. Study courses in which at least 120 credit points for have been acquired for business administration skills are considered to be closely related. If the previous course had less than 210 credit points, but at least 180 credit points, the missing skills must be made up. As a rule, a total of 300 credit points should be attained for completion of a master’s degree.

Applicants will be informed of the skills to be made up and the latest possible time for their proof at the beginning of the course by the Examination Board.

  • evidence of English language skills that correspond to at least level B 2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Example of accepted evidence can be found in Section 7 of the Examination Regulations for the master’s degree in Applied Communication Studies.


The prerequisite for participation in the selection process is that a maximum of 15 of the credit points required for the bachelor’s degree are still outstanding. This must be proven by certification by the university attended when applying. In addition, along with the application for admission, a certificate from the Examinations Office must be submitted showing the previously graded examinations, the provisional average grade derived from this (it must at least correspond to the required minimum grade) as well as the number of credit points attained so far in relation to the total number of credit points to be attained for the respective course of study.

In order to calculate the waiting time, applicants who have already completed a bachelor's degree must provide evidence of the day on which the last examination was performed, if necessary, by means of a certificate from the university.

Application Deadlines

Applications for the first semester of study:

  • November until 15.01. of each year (summer term)
  • May until 15.07. of each year (winter term)

Applications for higher semester of study:

Admission is based on the capacities that become available. More information is provided by the Admissions Office.

  • November until 15.01. of each year (summer term)
  • May until 15.07. of each year (winter term)

Information on application deadlines and procedures for applicants with a foreign university entrance qualification can be found at

This is a statutory deadline. This means that applications for admission and application documents that are submitted to the Kiel University of Applied Sciences -Admissions Office  (via Uni-Assist for applicants with a foreign university entrance qualification) after the above-mentioned deadlines will no longer be considered. If the end of an exclusion period falls on a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday, the period nevertheless ends at the end of the corresponding day and is not extended to the end of the next working day. (Article 43, Section 7 of the University Admission Ordinance –(HZVO). The date of receipt at the Kiel University of Applied Sciences is valid! Subsequent submissions beyond this deadline are also not possible. Incomplete documents or documents received late are excluded from the selection process. Applications received by fax or e-mail are invalid and also do not take part in the award procedure.


Documents to be submitted (as upload):

  1. evidence of the above-mentioned university degree (bachelor’s certificate, performance overview with grades, etc.) or if the first university degree was not completed: proof that a maximum of 15 of the credit points required for the bachelor’s degree are still outstanding with a provisional average grade 
  2. certificate of university entrance qualification
  3. certificate in the event of a name change (e.g. marriage certificate)
  4. certificate of exmatriculation (de-registration) if you are studying/have studied the same course of study for which you are requesting admission to a first semester of study
  5. complete evidence of previous study periods by means of study certificates
  6. evidence of previously completed courses (when applying for a higher semester)
  7. evidence of English language skills
  8. if applicable, evidence of sufficient German language skills for applicants without a German university entrance qualification and without a German university degree (enrolment requirement in the case of admission)

Admissions Procedure

After deducting the so-called advance quotas (foreigner quota, hardship quota), 20% of the study places are allocated after a waiting period. The other 80% are distributed according to a university selection quota. This provides for an allocation based on the average grade of the university entrance qualification, which is an admission requirement in accordance with the examination regulations.

The waiting period counts from the time the university entrance qualification is attained.

Notification of admission for the main procedure is sent approx. 2-3 weeks after the application deadline. Then, rejections are handled. After a rejection you have the opportunity to participate in a possible lottery procedure. A lottery procedure takes place if there are still some remaining places for the course after the main selection procedure, the replacement procedure and enrolment.

You are informed of the enrolment deadline with the notification of admission. If enrolment is not made on time, the right to the study place expires irrevocably. You can find more information on enrolment here.


There is a compulsory fee charged each semester for the Student Services Authority, the student body and the semester travel ticket.

Also, there is an administration charge for enrolment. This charge is non-refundable.

Additional information on the above-mentioned fees and charges



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