Trial studies


You are interested in a study at Kiel University of Applied Sciences, but do not have the relevant university entrance qualification? Then, access might be possible via trial studies.

Conditions for the participation in the procurement procedures for trial studies are:

  • completed vocational training (satisfactory results as minimum)

  • three years of work experience after vocational training

  • a pre-study internship (if requested by the chosen course)

Applications for trial studies must be submitted in written form. There is no online application. The application for approval is available here. For more information, please contact the Registration Office. Please only send officially certified documents.

Application form for trial studies:

Kiel Campus

Faculty of Agriculture

The selection procedure for the trail studies is determined by the waiting period of the prospective students (the time between the fulfilment of the three-year work experience and the pursued semester).
If a place in the study programme is confirmed, students need to produce proof during enrolment confirming that they have had a previous consultation session at their faculty. Enrolment is valid for two semesters (extension by max. 2 semesters possible). In this time, the necessary study credits must have been rendered successfully. Thereafter, studies can proceed normally and the achieved study periods are credited.

Trial studies are not possible in Förde-Kompass orientation semester.