Required qualifications

Entrance requirements

The university entrance qualification for a study course, whose objective is a first university degree, can be verified through the following:

  1. General higher education (Abitur)
  2. Subject-related higher education
  3. Advanced technical college certificate
  4. Specialised advanced technical college certificate
  5. Professional university entrance qualification (e.g. master craftsperson’s diploma)
  6. University aptitude test
  7. Guest studies

The evidence of numbers 1 or 5 entitles students to study at any German university. Number 2 allows the study of particular courses at universities and every subject at Universities of Applied Sciences. Number 3 entitles students to choose any subject at a University of Applied Sciences and the proof of numbers 4 or 6 offers the possibility to study the chosen discipline at a University of Applied Sciences.

Furthermore: A subject-related qualification for a university needs to be proven by a certificate of a positive assessment test at a German preparatory college.

University entrance qualifications gained in federal states of Germany other than Schleswig-Holstein are equally valid.

University entrance qualifications acquired in the former GDR are valid, if they have been accepted by the Ministry of Education.

If various entrance qualifications are present (e.g. Abitur and Vocational Training as a pre-school teacher), the Registration Office must choose the qualification that was gained first.

Please only submit the qualification that is supposed to be considered during the procurement procedures.

If the applicant is older than 55 years of age at the time of the application, he/she will will only be considered for the degree course if there are serious scientific or professional reasons (§4 Educational Admissions Act - HZG). A justification must be submitted with the application.

Advanced technical college certificate

The advanced technical college certificate (academic part) which can be gained at upper secondary school level, at evening classes or at Waldorf schools is only valid together with a verification that proves specialist practical training to enable study at university/UAS.

Acknowledgement of the practical training part of the advanced technical college certificate:

The request for acknowledgement of the advanced technical college certificate is to be addressed to the responsible school authority of the federal state where you achieved your school-leaving qualification. If you received your advanced technical college certificate (academic part) or the vocational college certificate in Schleswig-Holstein, please address the application for acknowledgement to the school where you achieved the academic part of the advanced technical college certificate.

Upon presentation of a completed period of vocational training, it is possible to submit the application directly to the Kiel University of Applied Sciences without annotation of acknowledgement.

Attention: A leaving certificate from a vocational school is not sufficient proof of completed vocational training and will not be considered. Please submit the examination certificate (apprenticeship completion diploma/journeyman certificate) together with your university application.

Professional university entrance qualification

In addition to academic university entrance qualifications, there are professional university entrance qualifications for people with diplomas in advanced professional further education. As long as the training courses that lead to the certificates include at least 400 class hours, students obtain a general higher education entrance qualification which allows them to study at any university.

The information on professional university entrance qualifications in Schleswig-Holstein are available at Landesportal Schleswig-Holstein.

Attention: The educational background needs to show an average score. Please have the responsible office issue an average for you if one is not indicated. If no average is submitted, the application will be placed after the last applicant with an average grade indicated.

If the leaving certificate of the advanced professional further education does not show directly and explicitly information on the fulfilment of the requirements mentioned, the applicant needs to certify the fulfilment with a certificate of the institution of the advanced trainingor the office responsible according to the Vocational Training Act.

University aptitude test

You own a subject-related university entrance qualification if you have completed a period of vocational training regulated by federal or national law which lasted at least two years in a field similar to the desired study course. Additionally, you need to have at least three years of work experience (at least the half of the regular working time) in the subject-related field and a passed university aptitude test. Attendance of a qualified study guidance session of the faculty concerned needs to be certified. This subject-related university entrance qualification entitles you to study at any university in the corresponding or a similar field.

You find more information on the Landesportal Schleswig-Holstein.

Guest studies

People interested in study courses without the general higher education or a technical college certification can under certain circumstances get to know Kiel University of Applied Sciences through guest studies.

You can find more information here.