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The "Academic Professions Team" offers students and graduates information and advice on career planning. We help people who have dropped out of their studies, support graduates in entering professional life and place them in jobs or training programmes. Our team also provides information regarding the importance of majors, minors, internships for the job market, strategies for starting a career and part-time jobs.

Building C 02, Room 0.50

Mr. Thilo Traber and Mr. Marc Denk.

Open office hours: Tuesdays 2 PM – 4 PM

Welcome to Kiel – Your decision to choose Kiel as the place to study hit the bull’s eye!  Kiel has excellent universities to offer with an enrolment of more than 36,000 students and it is a young, relaxed city right by the sea. Sailboats, cruise ships and fjord steamers characterise the city, as does a lively cultural and pub scene. The state capital makes sure that your life in Kiel gets off to a good start.

Landeshauptstadt Kiel (State Capital Kiel)
Referat für Wissenschaft (Unit for Science)
Fleethörn 9
24103 Kiel


FAQ State Capital Kiel

Where can I find a room/ flat?  

  • Kiel has many student halls of residence, some of which are run by private organisations. Apart from that, you can find a place to stay on the usual internet portals, in classified ads or on the bulletin board. Projects such as the "Ersti-Couch", very short-term accommodation for first-semester students, or "Wohnen für Hilfe" ("Home for help") are always well accepted. More information is available at:

What do I have to do if I am a new arrival in Kiel? 

  • You have to register your residence in Kiel within the first two weeks of moving to the city (to comply with registration law). You can do this at the Kiel City Hall or, during the winter semester, at the Studiale on Westring. To register at the city hall, you can either make an appointment online or use the open office hours. If you register with your main place of residence in Kiel, you can apply for 100 euros in Welcome-to-Kiel-money. More information at:

Where do I get the 100 Euros Welcome-to-Kiel-money?

myuniboard – that is the digital pinboard for Kiel University of Applied Sciences, developed by graduates. So it is by and for students. You can find out about jobs, events or sports options or simply sell your used books. You don’t need to log in and can access the pinboard from anywhere you like. Filter by your subject area to find offers that suit you. Looking for an internship or just want to make a few euros? Use the job filter and find the right job. myuniboard is a project by students –  for students.
Instagram: myuniboard

Telephone: +49 160 96 83 51 84