Leave of Absence

leave of absence

After the first semester, students can take leave of absence for the coming or current semester for important reasons. These are in particular:

  • own illness/disability or illness of close relatives
  • pregnancy, parental leave or caring for one's own child at times when there is entitlement to parental leave in the case of employment; in these cases, a leave of absence of up to three years can be granted
  • study abroad that does not include study and examination performance
  • being called up for civil/military service according to Art. 12a Para. 1 or 2 of the constitution; in these cases, the leave of absence applies for the duration of the above-mentioned service for up to two years
  • participation in academic and student self-government matters
  • completion of an internship that is not part of a course or examination
  • employment to finance your studies
  • starting one’s own business

The application for a leave of absence should usually be submitted to the Student Secretariat during the re-enrolment period.

The leave of absence is granted for one semester at a time and should not exceed a total of two semesters. In the case of starting or founding a company, only one semester of leave is possible. Please contact the Student Secretariat for information about possible exceptions.

Your status as a student is maintained during the semester of absence, but the rights and obligations as a member of the university are suspended. Studies and examinations may not be completed for the corresponding semester; it is however possible to repeat failed examinations. Deviating from this, an examination can also be taken for the time during periods of parental leave and those governed by the Parental Protection Act. The same applies to students with illnesses or disabilities, provided that the leave of absence is based on this.

A retrospective leave of absence for the current semester can only be requested in exceptional circumstances. Please contact the Student Secretariat.

Please fill out the application for leave of absence and send it in with the necessary attachments.

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