Institute for Naval Architecture and Maritime Engineering

You can find information about the degree in Naval Architecture and Maritime Engineering on these pages divided into the bachlor's and master's degrees as well as in the learning management system Moodle and the module database.

In addition to the studies, you can find general information about the subjects and semesters in the Moodle course Schiffbau Studium Kiel.

Further recent information about teaching and research of the members of the institute are available at their personal pages.

Managing Director

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Hendrik Dankowski - Contact - more


Design of ships and maritime environmental protection


Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Benedict Boesche - Contact - more

Ship Technology

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Berend Bohlmann - Contact - more

Ship Construction and Ship Strength

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Kai Graf - Contact more

Fluid Mechanics of Ships and Sailing yachtsn

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christian Keindorf - Contact - more

Offshore-Systems Engineering and Wind Energy

Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Peter Quell - Contact more

Offshore-Systems Engineering and Drive Technology