Bachelor’s degree in Business Information Systems

Bachelor’s degree in Business Information Systems

The guiding principle of the bachelor’s degree in Business Information Systems is to shape the digitalisation of the economy. Graduates acquire the competencies necessary to evaluate, plan and carry out the digitalisation of the economy.

The degree in Business Information Systems offers a scientifically substantiated and practical education at the interface between Computer Science and Economics. Students learn how to plan, develop, pursue, use and evaluate business information and communication systems.

To satisfy the socio-technical character of information systems in the context of business tasks, the study is not only focused on the acquisition of expertise but also includes the teaching of methodical skills and social competencies. For this, action-oriented learning methods such as processing of case studies, individual and group projects and role- play are used.

Integrated into the programme are a thesis (final  paper), a colloquium at the end of the study and a professional internship / period of practical training for several months.

After completing the bachelor’s degree, it is possible to apply for the English-speaking master’s degree in ‘Information Engineering’ at the Faculty of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering.

The UAS Kiel’s system is accredited by AQ Austria.

Data and facts


until 28.02.18:

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)


since 01.03.18:

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)

Study type

Full-time, attendance

Regular study period

6 semesters

Pre-study internship


Practical study term

yes, 6th semester, 20 weeks

Teaching language

German, some lectures in Englisch

Admission restrictions

yes, see NC-values

Study start

wintersemester only

Study abroad possible

yes, one or two semesters

Further information

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