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Kiel University of Applied Sciences recognised as a family-friendly university

Created by Frauke Schäfer

The berufundfamilie Service GmbH [Work and Family Services Ltd] has recognised Kiel University of Applied Sciences' long-standing commitment to family-friendly working and study conditions with a certificate with distinction. Kiel University of Applied Sciences has taken part in the review since 2014. In the past, the university has successfully implemented a number of measures, including the children's holiday programme, the standardisation of committee times as well as family-related advance registration for courses with restricted participation at the Faculty of Social Work and Health. The university has also consolidated the family service and in doing so reaffirmed the importance of sustainable personnel policy which are aware of the different stages of life. “We are pleased that we have reached the highest level in our fourth review,” said Dr Anja Franke-Schwenk, Chancellor of Kiel University of Applied Sciences. “The compatibility of work, study and family is an essential aspect of building a profile as an attractive place to work and study.”

As part of the renewed certification, the executive committee, the central equal opportunities officer and the family service, together with a reviewer from berufundfamilie Service GmbH, reflected on what has been achieved so far, discussed current needs and defined further goals. Future focal points include the further training of managers, the creation of daycare places and the implementation of compensation for disadvantages due to special family care responsibilities. “In the future, we also want to involve our external locations in Osterrönfeld and Neumünster more closely in the continuous improvement of the family-oriented infrastructure,” Annemarie Müller from Family Service explains.

“We follow a cooperative and integrative approach in our work,” emphasises equal opportunities officer Dr Marike Schmeck. “We do not view the issue of family justice in isolation but rather in close connection with equality work, the promotion of diversity, company health management and other aspects of organisational and personnel development.”

Background to berufundfamilie Service GmbH

berufundfamilie Service GmbH is a service provider and think tank in the area of compatibility of work, family and private life. Their central service is the family-friendly university review. Deployable in all industries and different sizes of company, the review assesses the status quo of the family- and life-stage-conscious measures on offer, systematically develops the organisation-specific potential and, with binding target agreements, ensures that family awareness is anchored in the corporate culture. After successful completion of this process, an independent board of trustees made up of prominent representatives from business, science, politics and other associations decides whether to issue a certificate of the review.
Further information can be found at: https://www.berufundfamilie.de/

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