Klaus-Michael Heinze


Dr. Anja Franke-Schwenk

Phone: 0431 210-1300
Telefax: 0431 210-61300
Email: anja.franke-schwenk(at)fh-kiel.de


Tasks according to the schedule of responsibilities from 01. Oct 2020

  • University representation in accordance with the Higher Education Act (HSG)
  • Management of the central admission pursuant to §25, sect. 1 HSG
  • Perception of state responsibilities according to HSG §6 (3) except for domiciliary rights
  • Service and labour law, employee and disciplinary matters, supervision, if not controlled by the President
  • HR planning and development, if not controlled by the President
  • Attendance as visiting professor and lecturer, supervision of student assistants
  • Continuing education for employees, if not attended by the Vice-President
  • Budget representative 
  • Preparation of the UAS budget plan according to the budgetary regulations of Schleswig-Holstein, §106, Landeshaushaltsordnung (LHO)
  • Management of budgetary resources, proof of assets
  • Provision of movable equipment
  • The University’s fee system
  • External and internal audit issues
  • Construction planning issues, building committee
  • Building and property management and conditions for the use of buildings
  • Composition of the campus, campus culture
  • Basics of
    • Working conditions
    • Data protection
    • Health promotion
    • Sustainability
    • Radiation protection
    • Accident prevention
  • Legal affairs in cooperation with the President
  • Ordinance law
  • Cooperation agreement if not made by the President
  • Elections in accordance with electoral regulations in social insurance
  • Supervision of the student body pursuant to §72 HSG, promotion of student body and student associations if not attended by the President or Vice-President
  • Admission and dismissal of students, hardship application
  • Coordination of tasks concerning the examination committee and office
  • University sport
  • Alumni
  • Fulfilment of gender equality requirements
  • Gender mainstreaming
  • Representative for central institutions:
    • IT-Service Centre (Campus IT)
    • Culture and Science Communication Centre
  • Cultural representative in the Presidium