Smart Environments

Goal of the main research area “Smart Environments” is to develop systems and algorithms collecting (multi-modal) sensor data, integrating and interpreting them in an intelligent way in order to assist the users to get along in their environment. Examples are “Ambient Assisted Living” scenarios or “SmartUniversity”, where information is provided e.g. on where a free room or work place is currently available, where is an open cafeteria with short queue etc. To this end, contributions from various disciplines in computer science and electrical engineering are combined and integrated.

 Fields of competence:

  • Intelligent systems
  • Systems, Networks and Security



  • Prof. Meiko Jensen (Computer Networks, Distributed Systems, IT Security)
  • Prof. Robert Manzke (Ubiquitous Computing, Distributed Sensing, Smart Environments, System Programming, Human-Machine-Interfaces)
  • Prof. Carsten Meyer (Machine learning, pattern recognition, medical image processing
  • Prof. Hauke Schramm (Pattern recognition, image analysis for medical, industrial and scientific applications)