Mechanical Engineering


Degree: Master of Engineering (M. Eng.)
Length of Study: 4 semesters
Course content: German
Enrolment: each winter term (no admission restrictions)
Application deadlines for first semesters of study: May until 15.09. of each year (winter term)
Application deadlines for higher semester of study: November until 15.03. of each year (summer term), May until 15.09. of each year (winter term)

Your future with a mechanical engineering degree

After graduation, a mechanical engineering degree offers a wide range of career opportunities in various industries. This is because there are numerous areas of specialization - from plant engineering and construction technology to materials engineering. Graduates develop answers to questions about shaping the future of society. Their know-how is in demand in research and development, but also in companies and public administrations, in order to find innovative and sustainable solutions to the challenges of the present.

Many of our students receive a job offer before they graduate because the university works closely with the regional economy and around 80 percent of the final theses are written in companies.

Good reasons to study mechanical engineering at FH Kiel

  • Wide range of topics: electromobility, alternative energy technology, low-consumption machine and plant engineering and manufacturing, lightweight construction with innovative materials (e.g. fiber composites) and technologies (e.g. 3D printing)
  • Attractively equipped laboratories (design engineering, production engineering, materials engineering, modern extensive robotics laboratory, etc.)
  • Projects provide the opportunity to put what has been learned directly into practice
  • easy entry through the orientation semester
  • insight into different machines (machine tools & CAM, conventional and innovative manufacturing processes, power and work machines...)
  • choice of electives for individual specialization

Best prospects

Dennis Fischer

„The basic knowledge in a wide variety of key areas such as design, production engineering, fluid mechanics and materials technology helps to understand interrelationships and has made it easier for me to start my career.“

Sales Engineer at Edur Pumps



1st semester of study

  • Higher Mathematics
  • Theoretical Fluid Dynamics
  • Computer Science/IT
  • Interdisciplinary elective modules (semesters 1 and 2)
  • Elective modules from the module catalogue “Structural Mechanics and Numerical Mechanics” (semesters 1 to 3) *

2nd semester of study

  • Elective modules from the module catalogue "Further Chapters in Mechanical Engineering" (semesters 2 and 3)**

3rd semester of study

  • Thesis

4th semester of study

  • Thesis
  • Colloquium

Examples of elective modules:
* Fatigue Strength, Computational Fluid Dynamics
** High-Performance Materials, Robot Applications



  • a first professional degree in Mechanical Engineering with a grade of at least 2.8

  • a closely related professional degree with a grade of at least 2.8 Closely related degree courses are courses of study which include at least 60 credit points for fundamental technical skills such as  e.g. mathematics, mechanics, strength theory, materials science and computer science. For access to the master’s degree in mechanical engineering, fundamental mechanical engineering skills such as machine elements, CAD, methodical design, manufacturing technology as well as prime movers and machines are required. Of these basic skills, at least 20 credit points are deemed compulsory.

Application Deadlines

Please apply in good time so that you can start your studies smoothly!

Information about the date of the first term student welcome event, and thus the start of your studies, can be found here.

The processing time for your application can take up to 2 weeks and the last possible date for enrolment is 31.03. for the summer semester and 30.09. for the winter semester.

Applications for the first semester of study:

  • May until 15.09. of each year (winter term)

Applications for higher semester:

  • November until 15.03. of each year  (summer term)
  • May until 15.09. of each year (winter term)

Information on application deadlines and procedures for applicants with a foreign university entrance qualification can be found at


Documents to be submitted (as upload):

  1. evidence of the above-mentioned university degree (bachelor’s certificate, performance overview with grades, etc.) or if the first university degree was not completed: proof that a maximum of 15 of the credit points required for the bachelor’s degree are still outstanding with a provisional average grade
  2. certificate of university entrance qualification (see above) 
  3. certificate in the event of a name change (e.g. marriage certificate)
  4. certificate of exmatriculation (de-registration) if you are studying/have studied the same course of study for which you are requesting admission to a first semester of study
  5. evidence of previously study periods by means of study certificates
  6. evidence of previously completed courses (when applying for a higher semester)
  7. if applicable, proof of sufficient German language skills for applicants without a German university entrance qualification and without a German university degree (enrolment requirement in the case of admission!!!)

Admissions Procedure

After deducting the so-called advance quotas (foreigner quota, hardship quota), 20% of the study places are allocated after a waiting period. The other 80% are distributed according to a university selection quota. This provides for an allocation based on the average grade of the university entrance qualification, which is an admission requirement in accordance with the examination regulations.

The waiting period counts from the time the university entrance qualification is attained.

Notification of admission for the main procedure is sent approx. 2-3 weeks after the application deadline. Then, rejections are handled. After a rejection you have the opportunity to participate in a possible lottery procedure. A lottery procedure takes place if there are still some remaining places for the course after the main selection procedure, the replacement procedure and enrolment.

You are informed of the enrolment deadline with the notification of admission. If enrolment is not made on time, the right to the study place expires irrevocably. You can find more information on enrolment here.


There is a compulsory fee charged each semester for the Student Services Authority, the student body and the semester travel ticket.

Also, there is an administration charge for enrolment. This charge is non-refundable.

Additional information on the above-mentioned fees and charges



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