“History Matters”": Origins and Arguments for the IVE study course

Engineering training at German universities has a long tradition and an undeniably good reputation.  Therefore, the perspectives in the labour market are remarkably good.

A very important significance for engineering education is the fact that the topics and skills that are taught are constantly evolving, likeevery successful product.

The directions of change and improvement can be different in detail.

For some time, the extension of engineering knowledge with economic competencies has been becoming more relevant.

This development of engineering qualification profiles (the stronger linkage of technical and economical skills) is illustrated by the degree ‘International Sales and Purchasing in Engineering’ (IVE).

This creation of intersections such as technology, economics and internationality is an obvious consequence of the current developments in business practice.

While technology is still building the undoubted foundation of engineering competencies, the relevance of economic functions such as sales and purchasing, especially in the international context is compulsory, for the following reasons. Foreign trade activities (e.g. in- and export of products and services) have always been very important for successful German companies and are even vital in the age of globalisation.

This is especially significant for the capital goods industry. German engineering companies have more than 30% share of world trade but are in an increasing competition with international companies.

The consequences of this internationalisation of German engineering are obvious.

The traditional range of engineering activities (the areas of construction, preparation, and manufacturing) has expanded substantially.

The following work activities illustrate that change (see also the link below): 

  • globally aligned market analyses and predictions for technical high-quality products, engineering services and system solutions 
  • establishment and maintenance of international customer and supplier contacts
  • worldwide acquisition/marketing of high-quality technical products
  • systematic and terminal-specific assistance and training for foreign trade partners

A systematic and targeted preparation for these and similar working fields are the essence and substance of the study degree ‘International Sales and Purchasing in Engineering’ (IVE)!

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