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Offshore.Club Kiel

Who are we?         

We are the Offshore.Club Kiel, consisting of students from the course in offshore systems engineering and all others who are interested in the topic. We are also the port for our alumni. We offer simple and direct contact to the UAS Kiel during and also after completing the studies.

What do we do?

We see ourselves as communication platform for a lively dialogue and cooperation of offshore systems engineering topics. We host regular club evenings with interesting reports from offshore experts on recent developments in offshore wind energy. Graduates relate their professional experiences and students give helpful tips for studying. We end these evenings with a relaxed barbecue.

Where can you learn more about the Offshore.Club?

It’s easy; for enrolled students we are available in LMS. Search for the course “Offshore.Club Kiel” and register.

Alumni or external interests can write an email to Offshore.Club(at), with the email address you want us to use for contact. You will receive an email with the date and planned agenda for the next Offshore.Club evening in time. The link to our data protection regulation is available at the end of this page. 


Business directory of Offshore Wind Energy - Current: 437 Entries

Tabular collection of companies that work in offshore energy (Focus area: Germany). The Excel data is available in the LMS course Offshore.Club Kiel. (No claim for completeness or correctness)


Useful links for your studies

Login-Portals of the UAS Kiel

Module Registration – Enrolment for elective modules

Learning Moodle System (LMS) – Enrolment in modules and their organisation

QIS – Exam registrations, Study certificates, Grade Overview

IDA – Registration portal for courses within the interdisciplinary weeks



Recent EOE/OAT exam dates

Recent information for students,  Here, all news are listed. Events, requests, etc.


General information for everyone!

Main page of the EOE/OAT study degree  

Complete catalogue of the UAS Kiel libraries

Students committee Mechanical Engineering, Students for students

General information for all study degrees of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Study and Examination Regulations

Consultation hours of the lecturers

AStA, General Student Committee. Your contact partner for all questions and problems concerning studying.


IT-Installation for Smartphone/Tablet & Laptop

Under the following links, you can find the manuals for…

Wifi Installation for Smartphone/Tablet & Laptop

SolidWorks Installation for an external computer


Application and Information for first semester students

Application for EOE

Guidelines for pre-internship

Information for first semester students

Study Information


Overview of campus, ferry schedule and canteen menu

Campus Plan


Canteen Menu


Further education and interdisciplinary topics

Special Welding Engineer (SFI)

Certified course to become a Quality Manager (QMB-TÜV)

Scholarships & Competitions


Offshore News

The WFO-Newsletter provides interesting daily news about offshore wind energy from the whole world. 

If you are interested, you should subscribe to the WFO-Newsletter.

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