Withdrawal from University

Withdrawal from University

Your name may be withdrawm from the student register on request or pursuant to the law.  


1. Pursuant to Section 42(1) of the German Law on Institutions of Higher Education and the University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein (Higher Education Act – HSG) dated 28.02.2007, a student is exmatriculated after having received the degree certificate relating to the successful completion of studies.

2. Pursuant to Section 43(2)(1) of the Higher Education Act and Section 14(1) of the Enrolment Regulations of the Kiel University of Applied Sciences (statutes) dated 24.10.2007, students can request a withdrawal from study.  

The following documents must be attached to the application form:  


Your name will not be removed from the register before you have submitted the respective certificate of release and it has been signed by the respective offices. If the corresponding certificate of release has not been issued or is incomplete, withdrawal is not possible.

Additionally, the applicant is obliged to destroy every enrolment certificate she/he has printed and to inform those authorities which have received enrolment certificates of the withdrawal/exmatriculation.

We emphasise that the misuse of enrolment certificates and student ID card (chip card) may result in criminal prosecution.  

The certificate on pension insurance (Rentenbescheinigung) and exmatriculation certificate (Exmatrikulationsbescheinigung) can only be issued when all the required certificates have been submitted (see Items 1, 2 above). The date on the application form is not binding but the date the complete set of documents has been received by the Student Secretariat.  

The application for withdrawal and the relevant documents have to be submitted to:  

University of Applied Sciences Kiel
Sokratesplatz 1
Studierendensekretariat (student secretariat)
24149 Kiel

Or to:

Faculty of Agriculture
University of Applied Sciences
Grüner Kamp 11
Room No 120
24783 Osterrönfeld 

The documents can also be submitted by post.  
Should you be eligible for a refund, please see here.